It’s about that time to acknowledge that play time is over. It’s time to graduate into the big leagues. The start of a winning season begins with a strategic plan of execution. Get ready to energize yourself when you write down those millions of ideas and desires running around in your head. This journal has prompts to list goals, track your goals, hold yourself accountable, self-care, gratitude and of course space to get your thoughts out. It’s not enough to win in just one aspect of your life. All of this is to help you see the whole you. The winning comes in the execution and your ability to inspire others. So…are you going to pass the ball or are you going to take the winning shot on yourself? The ball is in your court!




“Stop Being Disrespectful by Low-balling Your Fees” eBook written by TJ Jefferson

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Most of us jump into business out of necessity and didn’t have a rhyme or reason as to how we came up with our pricing fees and structures. If we’re being honest, we aren’t making a real profit because we are significantly undercharging for the services we provide. If we’re undercharging that means we’re doing more work for very little money and that is disrespectful to our respective industries, to our families, and to ourselves. We’re in business to solve problems for our customers and to make a profit. If you’re tired of not making enough money to pay your personal and business bills, then this e-book is for you. I have a couple of fee formulas that will help put your prices in the range of the pros within your industry. And it will be based off two questions: How much do you want to take home? How much value will you include to justify your new fees?





Let’s cut to the chase: Yes, it is highly disrespectful to low-ball your fees in your industry. What do I mean by low-ball? I mean if the industry standard for a pack of rollers was $10 per pack and you’re selling them for $2 per pack, then that is disrespectful; it cheapens the product or service. If you sold it for $8, $9, $11 or $12, I think that is safe territory. Though mostly, I am speaking about service-based businesses which offer a different fee structure than a product. So if the industry standard for a logistics consultant is $250 per hour for the expert and around $200-$215 per hour for the newbie, then charging $100 per hour hurts the industry as a whole. So you’re thinking why would I care? Your goal is to dominate in your industry, right? Lowering the price is one of the quickest ways to get more clients, right? I feel you, but what if another person comes after you and charges only $40 per hour, then what? Customers/Clients will never value your prices and definitely not the industry prices if you undercharge them.

See people value what they pay for. I’ll take it even further and say…




“Just a great informative book and straight to the point. So many small businesses try to compete by lowballing their owner businesses which really lowers industry standards. This book really makes pricing make sense.” – Kindle Customer


“This book gets straight to the point, the authors style for me was a breath of fresh air and this books re-enforced what I’ve learned being in business for almost 15 years. This should be required reading for any service oriented business, regardless if you are just starting out and been doing business for years.” – Isaac Singleton, a professional photographer


“Small book packed with a lot of good information and advice. Great real world examples. I came away with a better understanding of determining my value and setting my fees accordingly. Would recommend this book for all first time small business.” – Ericka G., family physician



#HERoineLegacy Magazine- All Editions

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We love honoring people while they’re still here! So we created the HERoine Legacy Magazine to do just that during Women’s History Month. We chose women to interview who we believe have fully taken advantage of the opportunities that women of our past have created for us to be able to just be themselves, to own businesses, preach the word, write books, lead professional organizations, etc. We’re honoring the impact of those brave women of our past. The HERoine Legacy magazine has been a hit and it only is released digitally in March. We use our foremothers as our cover girls- l-r: Rev. Addie Wyatt, Mary McLeod Bethune, Fannie Lou Hamer, Shirley Chisholm, Septima Poinsette Clark, Wilma Rudolph, Lorraine Hansberry and Cathy Hughes.

Read all of them HERE.