TJ Jefferson
Tell Publishing was created around 2010 by TJ Jefferson as a vessel to publish her writings but she never actually completed anything she had written nor published anything else at that time. Writing has always been her gift but she could never buckle down and do it consistently. A period of consistency came at Tennessee State University (years prior), when she joined the school’s award-winning newspaper staff, The Meter, around 2001. TJ was a sports writer and then became the sports editor her last two years of school. She graduated with her degree in communications, emphasis in print journalism. Instead of going the traditional journalism route after graduation, she detoured to Public Relations after receiving a temporary Media Rep position at Nashville State Community College and later starting her own firm – Fresh Touch Publicity. With her own business plus her nonprofit board appointments and networking events, TJ had no time to devote to her own writings. Finally, in March 2016, she first published The #HERoineLegacy Magazine, where she told the stories of Black women. TJ received such a great reception to it which gave her the confidence to publish the second edition in March 2017 and each year in March since then. In December 2017, she published her first e-book “Stop Being Disrespectful by Low-balling Your Fees” on her own platforms and Amazon. TJ is passionate about Entrepreneurship, Storytelling, Collaborative Problem-solving, and Philanthropy. She loves when she is able to integrate all or most of them in a singular project. TJ intentionally surrounds herself with people who are open to working in a collaborative environment. TJ grew up without access or resources in any of these areas and her goal is for this to not be the narrative anymore. TJ serves as the Board President of The Destiny House and teaches entrepreneurship to adults through Progeny Place/Co.Starters, which is a nine or thirteen-week collaborative cohort style class to help entrepreneurs from idea to launch. She was the Site Coordinator of the after-school program at her alma mater, Hillcrest High, where she is able to bring tutoring and enrichment classes like cosmetology, art, yoga, kickboxing, entrepreneurship that aren’t offered during the school day.

She lives by this quote: “Accept the word ‘no’ like the snooze button on an alarm clock; don’t worry because someone’ll eventually wake up.”