Five Misconceptions About Journaling

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Some people think journaling is limited to certain types of people or people who possess certain talents or skills, which neither is true. Journaling has many benefits that can be useful for a variety of people regardless of where you are in life. Let’s breakdown five misconceptions about journaling:

  1. Journaling is only for women: Women aren’t the only ones who work out their emotions in a journal or strategize their goals in a journal or track their accomplishments, etc. There are journals geared towards women, but there are some just for men or non-binary gender peeps, too.
  3. Journaling is only for writers: You don’t need perfect grammar or know how to properly structure a sentence to journal. Typically, no one else will be reading it. Honestly, you don’t even have to write while journaling; you can draw, doodle, collage, or even just making lists.
  5. You’re required to journal every day: While some people do journal daily, it’s a personal decision. It is a personal practice, and you can do it as frequently or infrequently as you like. While some may view journaling as a frivolous activity, it can actually be a beneficial use of your time.
  7. Journaling is only for people with mental health issues: Journaling can be an extremely helpful avenue for managing mental health, but it’s not exclusively for those who struggle with mental illness. Journaling can help anyone reflect on their thoughts and emotions, gain clarity and insight, and increase self-awareness.
  9. Your journal has to be pretty: While social media display all of the aesthetically pleasing journals, the most important aspect of journaling is the content. Whether your journal is messy or neat, the value lies in what you write or create.


Journaling is not just a popular trend from social media. It helps with a plethora of things including documenting important happenings or dumping thoughts on paper. There are different kinds of journals anything from the basic blank pages, goal-setting, mother-daughter, travel, food, meditation, health/fitness, etc. When I created “Winning is the Only Game She Plays” journal, I wanted women to have space to strategize their current moves and their next moves with a holistic outlook. The journal starts off with motivational quotes and space to write-in “my why” which I believe should always be the foundational principles of what moves we make. Their is space to set SMART goals, document gratitude, log daily wellness check-ins, accountability and blank space to write and strategize.


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