How to Start Writing A Book?

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For a newbie, this is easier said than done, right? You’re probably thinking there is this lengthy process that you remember from your high school English classes and that overwhelms you. You have to make a decision on what kind of book you’re writing… a fiction or non-fiction book, a blog, a script, a poem, etc. Think of a topic. Research it. Develop characters. Write an outline. Write a killer opening and an equally killer ending. Design or pay someone to design a nice cover. Get an editor. Lots of rewrites because your grammar is horrible. Second round of edits. More rewrites. That can be a massive hit on your ego because you’ve given your all and, on top of that, you’re sensitive about your ish. Finally, your editor gives the final approval. You are now ready to publish.





It was amazing seeing it all come together before my eyes but that came about because I stopped overthinking it and you should too. So “just start writing.” Are you ready?

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