6 Ways to Balance All of Your Genius

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Every time I think this week is when I’m going to catch up, more priorities seem to rise. But by the grace of God, I’ve somehow been able to get things done – personally and professionally. And the things I couldn’t get done, I learned to not feel guilty about it, especially if I made an attempt to acknowledge my shortcomings when it involves others.


We’re all trying to do it all, in addition to, being great spouses, parents, siblings, daughters/sons, friends, etc. It is HARD, though! We are even harder on ourselves. We hate disappointing others, yet in life, that happens. That sucks!


What are we to do?? Well, I’m sharing my process: “6 Ways to Balance All of Your Genius.” Don’t laugh. Yes, I refer to all what I do as genius because NO ONE can do it like I can do it. Period. No one can do your part like YOU can do it, either. And since it’s hard to get someone to toot your horn for YOU, I make sure to toot my own horn, even privately. TOOT! TOOT! I’m a genius!


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