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Our owner TJ Jefferson produced content for the 2020 Tennessee Voter Guides for The Equity Alliance (TEA) organization that is based in Nashville. The information is about the upcoming Federal/State Primaries Election in Tennessee on Thursday, August 6 and Tuesday, November 3. TEA has been producing voter guides for elections in Nashville for a few years but expanded to the Memphis and Chattanooga areas this year. Tennessee ranks 44th and 45th in voter turnout and voter registration. Black Tennesseans generally live in areas with low voter turnout. The voter guides are a one-stop shop tool to centralize all of the information regarding voting, registration, absentee ballot, the Census, getting voting privileges reinstated, voting as a college student out of town, new laws around voting in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic, etc. Anyone can download the digital version below and a few listed community partners with physical buildings will have the printed versions. DOWNLOAD MEMPHIS VOTER GUIDE: Grab Nashville and Chattanooga’s Voter Guides at    

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