Sponsor or Advertise in The #HERoineLegacy Magazine

Dear Potential Sponsor,

I am passionate about Memphis, Philanthropy and Business, and anytime I can incorporate all three in one event, I’ll jump on it. I love honoring people while they’re still here! So I created the HERoine Legacy Honors Brunch and Magazine Reveal event to do just that during Women’s History Month. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we will NOT be hosting the annual in-person brunch, where we publicly honor women. We still will publish the stories of everyday women in Memphis in the HERoineLegacy Digital Magazine.

We have roughly 70% women between the ages of 28-40 who attend our events, who read the magazine and who have residual income to spend on products and/or services that are of quality and that can make their busy lives easier. Majority of our sponsors and advertisers have been local, small businesses.

Past sponsorship and advertising successes:

-Tell Publishing received an 15% increase in book sales of the book that was being promoted at the time of sponsorship.

-Fresh Touch Publicity secured two media interviews and secured two new clients and a speaking engagement for the owner.

-Time Piece Technician received an increase of 35% of sales the day of the event as they were able to set up as a vendor to repair watches and clean jewelry and secured additional sales post event.

-Mainstream Images booked two photo sessions and a videography session.

-EventSnap was able to get 22 new additional downloads for the photo app and over 400 new pictures posted throughout the app.

The theme for the 2021 #HERoine Legacy will be “Pivot Right into Destiny.” COVID may have caused a slight detour or slowed us down a bit on the road to destiny but it hasn’t stopped the desire or the overall journey to it. So while we aren’t having the brunch, we still want to make sure the honorees receive their plaques and bags of goodies and be celebrated, individually and safely. So support us by purchasing advertising space in the magazine and/or sponsoring gifts for the honorees.

We thank you and look forward to having your support and will be happy to answer any additional questions. Please contact me directly at tj@tell-publishing.com.