Coast Your Ideas Until Time is Right

I received a lot of feedback from my previous post “6 Ways to Balance All of Your Genius” and I appreciate the post comments, text messages, and email replies. The two main points that resonated with so many of your were the “stop meeting” and “take a whole break.”

Now let’s have a real moment…how many of you really implemented any of the suggestions???? So yeah, it feels all good that you guys liked the post but I want ALL of us to go beyond those feel good moments when we read something. I want ALL of us to set some intentional action behind what inspires or resonates with us. I’m not going to knock you over-the-head with your exact action having to be big, dramatic and over-the-top. Pace yourself. Timing is everything.

What I do know is that you, sometimes, have great ideas that you’ve never fully fleshed out or you’ve never even attempted to execute. You can driving in your car or watching tv or exercising or doing anything and you’ll get hit with an idea. What do you do once you get an idea in your head? (email me back with you response) For me, I’ve learned to immediately write it down. Most times, I have paper and pen near me but, if not, I’ll type it in the notes in my phone. Next, I usually visualize it. My favorite place to mentally strategize is in the bathroom. LOL It is something about that tiny, enclosed space that brings out my confidence and helps me to create masterplans. You see how I use words like “genius” and “masterplan?” They are narratives formed from the bathroom as I get hyped about my ideas. Listen, encouraging myself is life, mane, but I digress!

After jotting down the idea, visualizing it and mentally strategizing, I then write it down and make it plan. I think about it from all angles like, why am I doing this – who can help me – what the budget could look like – what do I want the results to be – how will I measure it as a success or not. It is a working document, meaning I may have to come back and update it because things have changed or access is not available anymore or new doors have opened.

I remember having the idea for the bookclub already ready years before I executed it. It was perfect when it was executed because I was a published author at the time and had been respected in the business world and furthering branding myself as a resource for others. Also, I’ve had ideas that I later realized weren’t for me, they were for someone else and I happily passed along my fleshed out ideas. I remember sitting on the board of a professional organization and after my term was over, I no longer had an interest to serve on the board but I wanted to serve on the committee of another department. I already had the plan of what I was going to contribute to help upgrade that department but things transpired that caused me to fully walk away from the entire organization but I was able to give my plan to the committee chair so it could still be executed if they chose to use it.

I have files and journals of ideas that will be executed when the time is right. Yes, some ideas I’ve seen someone else execute before me and yet, I’m not deterred by it because we all have our own special umph that we put on the things that we create. Hence, the reason there are so many different brands of cheese or cleaning supplies or different types of life coaches, etc. So I do not feel guilty about not executing the ideas at the time I flesh out it. You should NOT feel guilty, either. Again, timing is everything.

BUT I do want you to be ready, though!! I’ve created a worksheet to help you flesh out the ideas so when God says “go,” you can take off! Don’t get caught not being ready! Download “COAST YOUR IDEAS: Fish them out at the right time” and save it on your computer/tablet so you can use it over and over and over again to create the masterplan for every single genius idea that comes to mind. Help me get some lunch money for next week by grabbing your copy NOW: click below! It is ONLY $2. Are your ready to get ready??


-TJ Jefferson (@TJayPR)